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It's right at the end of this-OMIGOD ITS A WHALE!

This is the best one you ever did. You finally mentioned the kidney again :D
The song was the best one too. And the jokes... They were AWESOME. I mean, a omnipotent door, a gay starfish, and snowmen, how could it get any better?

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That was awesome and really funny.

I was laughing so much when that announcer dude was like "SHUT UP" to the guy without ears. lol. He didn't hear him!

Even though I know no Dutch at all, I still understood it (even without subtitles) and I thought it was really funny. Great job! :D

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Dimanti-San responds:


Your probably the 1st, that noticed the "ear-thing" XD


lol, great job with everything. Also, I'm not a vegetarian, but I think you should show this to PETA and see what they think of this. XD

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The. Best. Game. Ever.

At first I thought that if a B video game existed, the world would implode from its awesomness. BUT IT DOES! OMGWTFBBQ!

The plot is amazing... A strawberry collecting B's hoping to show his collection of B's one day and become famous... That story touched my heart. And you helped that poor little strawberry collect the B's and work his way up to fame.... I cried during the intro when the lonely little strawberry sat in a corner thinking he would never be famous. And you helped him be famous and make him happy again...

I had to compete with other fruits to get the most B's, and I cried tears of joy when the once unknown strawberry became a billionare cultural icon known all over the world. It was so amazing...

Overall I give this game a 1337/10, but I can only go up to 10.... Whatever.

Great game

Just like The Incredible Machine but with better physics. Man I used to love that game, and this brings back those memories.

Unbeleiveibly amazing

I simply have never seen a Flash game this amazing. It just blows my mind that this was non-profit. I bow for you, my friend, as this is the excellent result of more than 3 years of hard work, probably. You should really show this to Nintendo, they would be amazed and let you work at Nintendo. I hope you can.

Anyway, onto the game. The gameplay and sound were true to the Mario franchise, the controls were perfect, the levels gave me fond memories of SM64. Really, it makes your older Mario game look like crap, no offense. There was humor, too, like that Toad in the tutorial that couldn't jump because you (Runouw) didn't program him to be able to. XD. And the secrets were pretty awesome too.

Overall, you're obviously getting a 10/10 and 5/5 because this game is the most awesomely awesome Mario Flash game ever invented in the history of mankind and the universe. Yeah, really.

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You can even find this song in ROBLOX.

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omg that was awesome dude!!!!!!

Sonofkirk responds:

Thanks a lot dude ;P.


its perfect for a megaman game

^^^ Orly? ^^^

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